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Welcome to aurora

What We Do

The purpose of our foundation is the enhancemenet of equality of children and juvenile living on the verge of society by education, skills development and various experimental education methods. Our activities are centered mainly on foster homes, however, we have started negotiations with correctional services regarding our role in these places as trainers and teachers.

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The basis of the Aurora Borealis Foundation in 2006 was conceived by a university student of Budapest who was volunteering in foster homes and began to work out a complex educational plan for children, paying special attention to the needs of children in foster homes and child care. The program finally began in 2011 with the involvement of high schoolers and adult volunteers, it was later named as H.A.N.D (Nyújtsd a kezed). One of the pillars of the program was the exemplary behavior of fellow volunteer peers rather than direct school-system education.

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